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Mispa i3 is an automated cartridge based specific protein analyzer designed to deliver consistent and reproducible result with ease and at affordable cost. Mispa i3 adopts dual measuring channels – Rate based Nephelometry & Immuno-turbidimetry for best sensitivity and linearity during the blood testing.

MISPA-I3 Brochure


  • Rate based Nephelometry & Immuno-turbidimetry methods.
  • 23 parameter assay model.
  • Patented Unique Channel Shifting (UCS) Technology – Sensitivity and Linearity at its best.
  • Smart Card Calibration.
  • Prefilled reagent cartridges.
  • Inject Aspiration system (IAS) ensures precise and accurate result Quadra ‘S’ System (Slow start slow stop)
  • Prozone detection function.
  • Automatic pre -dilution of samples.
  • Fully closed system – No user interface.
  • 3 QC files for each parameter for 30 days.
  • 1000 patient result storage.
  • 30 min battery backup.


  • Best sensitivity and Linearity due to dual measuring channels (Rate Based Nephelometry and immuno-turbidimetry).
  • Freedom to perform special parameters like D-Dimer, CRP, HbA1c, hSCRP, Vitamin D, H-Pylori, etc
  • Fast and accurate results with minimum TAT and less interference
  • Easy reproducibility of results
  • Zero calibration cost due to smart card calibration
  • No false reporting due to prozone detection feature
  • Ready-to-use individual test cartridges.

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